The Anthony Dickey Method: Secret to A Successful Wash and Go

anthony dickey method for successful wash and gos

In a recent post about my wash and gos, I mentioned that my wash and go wasn’t actually a wash and go. It was more like a wash, deep condition & detangle, apply styling product in small manageable sections, and then go (after drying, maybe). Though it was a far cry from washing and going, it didn’t take me forever, either. It didn’t take as long as twisting up my hair for a twist out, so I was happy.

But sometimes, I dreaded the whole process. At times I just wasn’t in the mood to do my hair. And I actually thought the day would never come when I’d feel that way since I was always having so much fun figuring out my wash and gos. But alas, it did.

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My Take on (And Takeaways from) The Maximum Hydration Method

my take on the maximum hydration method

In a recent post, I spoke about how to do the Maximum Hydration Method. If you haven’t read it yet, go check it out here.

I do not practise the Maximum Hydration Method, but I do have a strong opinion about it. I agree with the principle behind it, as it is the same principle I go by with my hair. Proper moisturisation and hydration = happy, healthy, defined curls. Before the Maximum Hydration Method even existed, I was watching YouTube videos by a cosmetologist who preached the importance of hydration for curls. That was when I started experimenting with the wash and go.

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What Is The Maximum Hydration Method?

What Is The Maximum Hydration Method

The Maximum Hydration Method has taken the natural hair community by storm in the past few years. It is especially common among and is geared towards 4C naturals with low porosity hair. If you’re unsure what your hair porosity is, you can check out the post I wrote about it here.

I researched this method a while back because I was intrigued by it, and I think I may have considered even testing it out. However, I decided against doing the whole regimen, as I thought it would be too time-consuming.

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5 Things You Must Do The Summer Before College

5 Things You Must Do The Summer Before College

If you’re like me – fresh out of high school and set to start college in a couple of months – then this post is for you. The summer before college is not just a normal summer. The fact that I’m going to start university in less than two months makes me both excited and anxious. On one hand, I’m ready for a new adventure and environment, and on the other, I’m (slightly) terrified of the adjustments I’ll need to make!

For some reason, I feel this summer will be my last real summer. Because of my programme choice, a summer holiday is a luxury I’ll be given only once (the summer after freshman year). As such, I feel the need to maximise my time and do as many fun things as I possibly can before the reality kicks in at the beginning of the school semester.

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