How I Use Google Calendar To Stay Organized in College!

If you’re a fellow college student, then you know how overwhelming it can get to balance everything in your life. If you’re forgetful like me, you might end up forgetting some important things. Or if you’re a master procrastinator (again, like me), you might spend all your time doing  except what you’re supposed to be doing. In this blog post I’ll share with you how I use Google Calendar to have some semblance of organization in my life.

Colour Coding

I designate one colour to each course or type of event in Google calendars. When I receive my school timetable, I add each lecture to my schedule with the name and the time it will take place. For me, it’s a bit complicated because my schedule changes every week. So I have to manually add each lecture until I’m finished with all the lectures for every single week. That takes me a very long time but it’s very convenient for me in the long run because I don’t have to open whatever app my timetable document is in and search for the day and which lecture I have next. I know it’s not like that for most people, though. Most students have a set time each week when they have a specified class. My next tip will show you how to add repeating time blocks to your calendar.

Repeating Events in Google Calendar

I’ll show you step by step how I do this on the Google Calendar iOS app. I do this for the gym, for example. I know that I want to go to the gym every Tuesday from 5-6:30PM. For you, it may be that you have Calculus on Wednesdays from 9-11AM. 


I’ll use my gym example. First, enter the details of the event: Name and time


Then, tap ‘More options’ which will make your time zone and ‘Does not repeat’ show up


google calendar to stay organized in college


Then, tap ‘Does not repeat’ and it will take you to this screen:


google calendar to stay organized in college


From there, I’d tap every week since I want to go to the gym every week on a Tuesday.


google calendar to stay organized in collegeIf you don’t want this event to continue forever, you can choose for it to stop on a certain date or after a certain number of occurrences. So if you want to go to the gym on Tuesdays for 12 weeks, you can choose for the event to end after 12 occurrences.


First, tap ‘Custom’, which will lead you to this page:


google calendar student planner


Then, tap ‘Does not end’


 google calendar


Then, select ‘After number of occurrences’ and when you tap this option you can then enter the number of occurrences.




Do this for any recurring events you have in your calendar instead of manually entering the same thing many times. You may also adjust your event to repeat on different days. So for example, if I want to go to the gym at the same time on Thursdays and Saturdays, too, I can make my event repeat on those days.


To do this, I go into ‘Custom’ again. Then tap ‘On Tuesday’ as seen here:



Then, I’d select Thursday and Saturday as well




The final product would be my gym session scheduled for 5-6:30PM every week for 12 weeks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You can see one week here:



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Allow Notifications

It’s optional for you to allow notifications, but if you don’t find them too annoying, you can set notifications for a few minutes before your event. This is helpful if you’re forgetful like I am. If you have set classes for the semester, you may choose to be notified of your class for the first few weeks until you’ve completely memorized your timetable and know what classes you have when.


Set Goals

I was obviously a novice when I started using Google Calendars, so I didn’t know about any of the fancy features. But thankfully, one of my friends told me about this really cool feature in the app: setting goals.


This is a useful feature for forming habits. Let’s say you want to meditate daily, or study five times a week, or read for an hour daily. You can use this feature to allow the app to choose a time for you to complete this goal. You can enter what type of goal it is and there’s even a list of goals to choose from, based on category. 

How it works: Enter your goal, how long you want to do it for per day and how many days per week you want to do it for. You may exclude certain days from this. You then choose your preferred time of day (if any at all) to complete this goal.


Google Calendar will automatically choose sessions for you to complete your goal, based on the parameters you entered.


Before your session starts, you’ll get a reminder notification, and when the time’s up, you get another notification asking if you’ve completed the session. You can then record whether you’ve completed the session or not, or mark it for later.


I’ll show you how I set up a goal to read three times a week in the evenings:


Goals > Me Time > Read > 3 times a week >1 hour > Evening 



You can use this for any goal you have or any habit you’d like to form. You can adjust the times assigned by the calendar and eventually, it will learn your preferences!


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Google Calendar: Easy to Use, Clean Design

I like using Google Calendar as a student planner because it helps me feel that much more organised. It’s not as fancy as other planner apps may be, but it has a clean design. Paper planners are lovely and beautiful, and I’d love to use them someday. But for now, I love having everything in one place on my phone which I always have with me. I’m more likely to add something to my Google Calendar app than pull out my planner.


I really hope this post helps someone! If you constantly feel like disorganized and confused because of your schedule or if you’d simply like to be more deliberate with how you spend your time, give this a try! Let me know if you guys already use Google Calendar and if you have any neat tricks you use to make everything easier. Or do you prefer paper planners? Let me know in the comments below!


Until next time,


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