Davina Bennett, You Are My Miss Universe

davina bennett miss universe

For those of you in the back who haven’t heard about Davina Bennett, Jamaica’s representative for the Miss Universe competition, allow me to enlighten you. 🙂

Davina won 2nd runner up in the competition, making her the first black woman wearing an afro to advance that far in the competition. An afro. (Black women have won the competition before, but not wearing an afro.) Now, that might not be a big deal to you, but let me tell you why it is to me.

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Protective Hairstyle for College: Box Braids

box braids protective style

I’ve been wanting to get long box braids for forever, so I was really happy when I did them a few weeks ago! I think they can be a great protective style if they aren’t too tight. They’re perfect for me because I’m currently struggling to get through the first semester of medical school. It’s a great relief to not have to worry about styling my wash and go every week.

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3 Benefits of Bentonite Clay For Natural Hair

benefits of bentonite clay for natural hair

Adding bentonite clay to your natural hair regimen can be very beneficial, no matter what type of clay you use. I know you may be thinking: “Clay? Like mud?” Yes, and yes. Bentonite clay, in particular, is one of the favourites in the natural hair community.

There are two main types used for beauty purposes: sodium and calcium bentonite clay. Bentonite clay has adsorbent, moisturising, conditioning and clarifying properties, all of which make it an excellent addition to any natural hair regimen.

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The Anthony Dickey Method: Secret to A Successful Wash and Go

anthony dickey method for successful wash and gos

In a recent post about my wash and gos, I mentioned that my wash and go wasn’t actually a wash and go. It was more like a wash, deep condition & detangle, apply styling product in small manageable sections, and then go (after drying, maybe). Though it was a far cry from washing and going, it didn’t take me forever, either. It didn’t take as long as twisting up my hair for a twist out, so I was happy.

But sometimes, I dreaded the whole process. At times I just wasn’t in the mood to do my hair. And I actually thought the day would never come when I’d feel that way since I was always having so much fun figuring out my wash and gos. But alas, it did.

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My Take on (And Takeaways from) The Maximum Hydration Method

my take on the maximum hydration method

In a recent post, I spoke about how to do the Maximum Hydration Method. If you haven’t read it yet, go check it out here.

I do not practise the Maximum Hydration Method, but I do have a strong opinion about it. I agree with the principle behind it, as it is the same principle I go by with my hair. Proper moisturisation and hydration = happy, healthy, defined curls. Before the Maximum Hydration Method even existed, I was watching YouTube videos by a cosmetologist who preached the importance of hydration for curls. That was when I started experimenting with the wash and go.

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