The Anthony Dickey Method: Secret to A Successful Wash and Go

anthony dickey method for successful wash and gos

In a recent post about my wash and gos, I mentioned that my wash and go wasn’t actually a wash and go. It was more like a wash, deep condition & detangle, apply styling product in small manageable sections, and then go (after drying, maybe). Though it was a far cry from washing and going, it didn’t take me forever, either. It didn’t take as long as twisting up my hair for a twist out, so I was happy.

But sometimes, I dreaded the whole process. At times I just wasn’t in the mood to do my hair. And I actually thought the day would never come when I’d feel that way since I was always having so much fun figuring out my wash and gos. But alas, it did.

Some time after that, I stumbled across a YouTube video I was sure I had watched before: TRUE Wash & Go Styling For Kinkier Hair Types | Hair Rules.  When I watched it, I realised it was teaching/promoting doing a wash and go with the Anthony Dickey Method. Now, I am eternally grateful that I stumbled across that video!

My hair goal this summer was to experiment with wash and go routines and to find a regimen that would work for me in college. I think I can tentatively say that I’ve found it.

anthony dickey method for successful wash and gos

Lemme walk you through…

The Process

  1. Drench your hair in water until it begins to hang and your curl pattern starts to show. For low porosity hair, warm water is best, but I’ve had excellent results with cold water, too.
  2. Cleanse the hair and scalp with a gentle shampoo. Rinse.
  3. Add tons of conditioner (one that has enough moisturising properties and slip) and detangle thoroughly. You can either finger detangle or use a comb… whichever works best for you and your hair. After detangling thoroughly, your curl pattern should be showing. Anthony Dickey says that conditioner and water are what help to ‘bring out’ your curl pattern, so this step is very important if you want a successful wash and go. After you’ve added conditioner, worked it in, and detangled well, you can now rinse. Rinse the hair without disturbing the curls too much.
  4. And the final step is styling. For this step, I use a leave-in conditioner or hair milk followed by a gel. You may use any custard, gel or cream that works for holding your curls. It is imperative to do this step when the hair is soaking wet. So as soon as you rinse the conditioner out, apply your styling products. (In the shower!) The styling products are what ‘capture’ your curl pattern. Be as heavy-handed with the product as you need to be, and make sure to work it in well so it coats all your strands. When you’re finished applying product… shake! Shaking separates your curls and makes them pop.

The main things to remember are: Water and conditioner bring out your curl pattern, and stylers capture your curl pattern.

The difference with this method and the one I was doing previously is that I would deep condition with every (or almost every) wash and go, and I would do my hair outside the shower, in sections. Since starting this method, I’ve slashed my hair styling time by much more than half, and the results are the same if not better! Not doing my hair in sections made me scared at first, but it actually has been working out well for me. (Once in a while, I split my hair in half and work in those two big sections. But mostly, I don’t section my hair.) The key is to ensure your hair is soaking wet and to apply product liberally. 

Instead of shampooing with every wash, I skip step 2 most times. I only shampoo every week or two, just to prevent product buildup. The rest of the time, I use only conditioner.

Anthony Dickey refers to this as ‘wash and wear’ styling, as it truly is possible to wash and go with this method. He recommends doing it every 2-3 days or so for kinkier, drier hair types, or even more often than that. The ultimate goal is to get water into the hair as often as possible to make the curls hydrated and healthy. Do it as often or as little as your hair tells you to.

Here’s a handy-dandy infographic!

My View of The Anthony Dickey Method

With all the research I’ve been doing on wash and gos, I think this method aligns well with my opinion of good hair care. I’m all for getting as much hydration into the hair as possible because curls, coils and kinks need hydration.

I think this method is a safe alternative to the Maximum Hydration Method, as it doesn’t promote introducing massive amounts of moisture into the hair in a short period of time. Over time, when doing this method consistently, moisture and hydration levels will definitely increase in your hair, and your curls will be happy.

Since starting, I’ve actually noticed that my hair in the front actually curls from the roots… and stays* curly much longer.

I’m still figuring out a restyling and deep conditioning routine with this method. But I can say I’m no longer scared of restyling. It doesn’t take me very long and it doesn’t make me anxious. I’m happy, for now!

The Results are Replicable on Others

I tried this method on a friend. I wanted to see if it actually worked, or if I just got lucky because I had been doing wash and gos before I started the method. Her results were amazing! She has a slightly looser curl pattern than I do, and a mixture of low and normal porosity hair.

Here’s a before and after. (The before picture is dry hair – an attempted wash and go on an old twist out, the after picture is wet – her hair a few minutes after I completed the Anthony Dickey Method one her).

anthony dickey method for kinky hair wash and go

And here’s a picture the day after. She stretched her hair using the banding method because it shrunk up a bit. Her hair is almost fully dry in this picture.

anthony dickey method for wash and gos

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This wash and go lasted her 6 days. 6 days! I don’t ever keep my wash and gos that long. But she said hers looked good up until then.

These are the products I used to achieve this wash and go on her hair:

Shampoo: Tresemme Smooth & Silky Shampoo

Conditioner: Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner

Leave-in: Lottabody Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk

Gel: Wet Line Xtreme Professional Styling Gel

This style took under 30 minutes for me to do on her hair. Later in the week when I wanted to get an accurate timing, I timed myself in the shower. It took 23 minutes for me from start to finish. (I didn’t shampoo, though. If I did, then I suppose it would’ve taken me 25 minutes or so.)

Easiest Wash and Go With The Anthony Dickey Method

Although I thought wash and gos were much easier than other styles in general, I sometimes felt too tired to do my hair. That’s probably because I would deep condition every single time I did a wash and go. Since I do my wash and gos so often, that was getting a bit time-consuming for me.

I also thought of how much product I was using. I kept thinking that when I start college, I wouldn’t be able to get away with using so much product.

(If you want to see how I did my wash and gos previously, read this article.)

So when I decided to try this method, I was shocked at how little time it took, how little product I had used, and how good the results were! It was the probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire hair journey. (Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, but you get the point.)

So, I think I’ve found the easiest way to do a successful wash and go for my hair. And just as my wash and gos have gotten easier and easier the more I’ve done them, I expect them to get easier as I continue with this technique/method.

What about you guys? Have you heard about the Anthony Dickey Method? What do you think of it, and would you try it? Shoot me a comment below!

Until next time,

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