What I Wish I Knew Before My First Year of College

After going through my first year of college, I've reflected on my experience and come up with a few things I really wish I knew before my first year. If you're looking for things you need to know before college, then this post is definitely for you! In this post, I share some of my first year of college experiences and what I wish I did differently! #collegefreshman #incomingfreshman | What to know before college | What I wish I knew before college | Read this post before college
As I’m preparing for second year, I’ve been reflecting on my first year of college. I’ve been thinking about how I spent my time, how I handled my work and my emotions, and how I’ve grown from my experiences.

Going through my first year of college hasn’t made me into some expert, but it definitely has given me more insight and wisdom and made me much more self aware.

Although nothing is as valuable as first-hand experience and learning for oneself, there are things I wish I knew before college that maybe¬†would’ve made my first year easier. It wasn’t a terrible year, by any means, but I did feel like I was losing my grip on things.

My first year of college is unlike anyone else’s, and yours will be unique too. Regardless, I have some advice for you – advice I wish I got or took to heart before my first year of college.

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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Packing for College

Packing for college can be really frustrating. Check out these top 10 tips and tricks for packing for college that will make your life easier! College packing | Packing for college | Dorm room shopping | College Move In Day | College Move in day tips | College packing list | Tips for packing for college | College move in checklist #collegemovein #incomingfreshman

Packing for college has got to be one of the most time- and energy-consuming tasks ever. It’s the thing I look forward to the least when school time comes around. 

I love finding out about small tricks I can use to make the overall process run more smoothly. Although applying them doesn’t make the entire process less energy-intensive, it does easy my mind and make the process a bit more efficient. That’s why I wanted to share with you guys my top tips and tricks for packing for college! 

These little tricks can help you out when you’re packing and make the whole ordeal a tad easier for you! I hope you enjoy them and share them with your friends!

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New Hair, Who Dis?

Instagram: @dayna.nichole - Natural hair 4c tapered cut

If you’re a regular here, then you know about my heat damage story.

If you haven’t read that post yet, do go take a little bit of time to read it quickly, I’ll wait here!

Essentially, when I got my hair straightened a few weeks ago by professionals, I suffered heat damage and had to cut my hair off. I’ll be sharing pictures of my hair with you and my experience at Asherlee Naturals, where I went to get my hair cut.

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How to Prepare for a Successful Semester in College

How to Prepare for a Successful Semester in College

How do you prepare for a successful semester in college?

You might not think much of this, but heading into your new semester with a level head and a plan can make things go much more smoothly than if you just leave everything up to chance.

I know because I’ve experienced it myself.

I went into my first year of college without much of a plan. Well, I did have a plan, but it wasn’t a comprehensive plan.¬†

For the most part, I was just caught up with how I would balance my errands and ‘adulting’ activities as they were something that were completely new to me. I didn’t think about and prepare for every aspect of the new semester, and as a result, I just let a lot of things slide.

Although I didn’t do terribly, I now understand the power of planning and preparation. Of course, there’s another strong ‘p’ and that’s procrastination, but planning and preparation help you to prepare for overcoming procrastination.

And that’s what I hope to share with you guys today. I’ll teach you how to plan and prepare for a truly successful semester.

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I’ll Be at Coir Connection Seminar This Saturday – A Natural Hair Celebration

I have exciting news! For the very first, I’m going to be a panelist at a natural hair event! I’m hoping to see all my local naturalistas there!

This Saturday, August 11, 2018, I’ll be at the Coir Connection Seminar! Coir Connection is an event in celebration of natural hair. In this post I’ll tell you guys a bit about this event and what to expect. I hope to also do another post covering the event after it happens!

If you’re someone who loves to attend natural hair meetups and natural hair events in Jamaica, then this is for you!

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